Welcome to Signature Bow Company: Your One Stop for a Custom Compound Archery Bow!


Signature Bow set out to make a bow like no other. Each bow riser is CNC Machined 6061 Aluminum and anodized for the toughest finish possible. Each Camo pattern is hand created and is individually unique. Solid limbs make our bows strong and durable. We offer a variety of full spectrum poundage on our limbs. They are interchangeable to meet your needs, so you never have to purchase another bow. Our Cams operate with Berings to allow a long life with more durability. String Stops and Extraneous Harmonic Suppressors make each bow quieter, decrease the risk of wrist slap, cancels vibrations and forces the arrow into independent flight up to 25% quicker. Each bow comes with multiple stabilization points for your various options.

Our Single Cam High Let-off Bows and Dual Cam Bows have interchangeable modules for different draw lengths. You can purchase extra limbs to change your poundage as needed without having to purchase another bow.

If you have any limitations we are here to work with you. We want everyone to enjoy Archery with Compound Bows.