Dear Marshall & Theresa,


I realized that I didn't give you a testimonial to go with my hog picture.

Thanks to the smooth draw and awesome let off of my Signature bow I was able to harvest this wild boar.  He weighed roughly 150lbs.  I'm very impressed with the superior craftsmanship of my bow and look forward to using it this upcoming deer season.


Hope all is well with you two.

Thank you,


Delila H.



At 45 yards I was able to shoot my 255 pound Black Bear. The arrow passed right through the heart!


This was my first year shooting my Signature Bow. It was nice shooting, quiet and very smooth.


                                  Delmar F.

                                  Harmony, Wisconsin



My second day of hunting and I got the 8 point buck pictured, and with a bow I made myself…UNBELEIVABLE!!!