I had a wonderful time on a Africian Safair trip using my Signature Bow. I harvested 2 Worthogs, 1 Blue Wildebeest and 1 Spring Buck. Fantastic Trip!!!   2009.


                            Jim L.

                            Union, kentucky



I wanted to write and thank you not only for superior products, but for the service. You took the time to evaluate my hunting needs and custom built a bow that fits like a glove. I'm still amazed at the smoothness and stealth this bow possesses.

I do recommend a Signature Bow to my friends and anyone that wants a high quality, accurate bow. Thanks again for your continued unparalleled service that makes your company so unique. I've sent a picture of one of the deer I shot. This was at 48 yards away, standing broadside. WOW, what a rush!!

                      Troy B.



From: Phili McMahan (Little Jon Archery Products) <littlejon@horizonview.net>
To: 'Marshall Lund' <signaturebow@yahoo.com>
Sent: Monday, March 12, 2012 6:53 AM
Subject: Ohio NFAA win


I don’t take pictures that well, but here is one for what it is worth.  I won the Ohio NFAA Indoor 300 Championship yesterday with your bow.  I was shooting MBB or Male Bare Bow.  The bare bow rules for the NFAA is either a compound or recurve with nothing on the string other than a nockset.  Stabilizers are permitted.  I scored 258 out of a possible 300.  The bow is a real pleasure to shoot.  I have it set for  a little over 50 lbs and use a hair tab rest.  I shoot 3 under and string walk.  I find the tab slide very nicely off the string with the high let off.


Best Regards,


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Fred and Marshall were hunting in Upper Peninsula of Michigan. We harvested a 250 pound Russian Boar taken with my SM25 Single Cam in High Let off.  Hunting never gets boaring.


 Marshall L