We offer two Models: SM25 and SM25XL.

Each can be ordered in (High Let Off 80% - 88%) Single Cam or Dual Cam

Color combinations are up to you..







SM25 in Dual Cam Bow using APA's Cam technology







SM25 in Single Cam High Let off Bow in 80% to 88%


Model SM25

Ø 25" CNC machined 6061 Aluminum Anodized Riser PLUS extensions **

Ø  SM25 Brace Height= 9"

Ø  SM25 Axle Length= 35.5"

Ø  Draw Length 27"-31"

Ø  Utilizing a beyond parallel limb design

Ø  Smooth CAM with adjustable module for draw length (operates on 2 caged roller bearings)** high let off bow.

Ø  Large Wheel with 2 bearings** high let off bow.

Ø  Dual Cam Bow using APA's Cam technology*

Ø  2 String Stops**

Ø  Any poundage- plus or minus 5 pounds of order

Ø  80% or 88% Let-off  high let off bow

Ø  Right or Left handed

Ø  Strings -choice of 2 colors

Ø  Limb Cups**

Ø  SM25 Solid Parallel Limbs

Ø  3 BIGJAX Cable Guard Dampeners- black ** (on string stops and string spreader)

Ø  Adjustable Hook Hangers **( available as accessory)


      Ø  Multiple stabilization points for your various options


Model SM25XL

     #Using one or multiple extensions** on the SM25, we are able to make our Axle to Axle longer, to fit your needs.

      #Utilize Beyond Parallel Limb Design – brace height will vary

      #Available in a Standard or Custom design

**Aluminum parts can be anodized color of choice for Custom Orders


Upper Right picture is SM25XL with one set of Extension Blocks. More Extension Blocks can be used for longer Axel to Axel